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363 Asset Sale

ReInvest Capital is pleased to have served in an advisory role during various 363 Auctions & Sales. Using our unique systems for navigating the 363 Sale Process, including working with the Debtors in Possession, the Unsecured Creditors Committee and the Bankruptcy Court, ReInvest Capital ensures that all constituents are satisfied with the outcome, wether the assets remain with the existing owners or end up with multiple bidders engaged by our firm. 

The process begins by engaging with the Debtors to assess the assets to be auctioned and determine the best way to run a competitive bidding process in an expedited manner that will satisfy the courts and if applicable the franchisor.

From there, ReInvest Capital deploys its deep relationships in the lower middle market and franchise industries to market the assets to as many viable potential purchase prospects as possible and continue such marketing efforts during the remainder of the bidding process.

After consulting with all constituents, ReInvest Capital then conducts arm’s length negotiations with multiple bidders for the purpose of entering into a Stalking Horse purchase agreement that meets the requirements set forth by the courts and will best position the assets during the upcoming auction process.

ReInvest Capital then takes the lead in conducting an Auction designed to maximize the proceeds to the Debtors for the assets and identify both Winning Bidders and Backup Bidders.

Finally, once the Winning and Backup Bidders have been approved, ReInvest Capital works to ensure an orderly and efficient closing process.

If you wish to learn more about engaging us on a 363 or Chapter 11 sale process, please feel free to contact us. 

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