Subway FRP
Client Programs

Subway® Franchise
Restructuring Program

ReInvest Capital has been selected to administer the Franchise Restructuring Program (FRP) as part of Subway® Go Forward Strategy for all of North America, encompassing approximately 28,000 restaurant units. Through the Program, ReInvest Capital is providing specialized and dedicated financial advisory services to Subway® Franchisees and Business Development Agents (“BDA’s”) with the primary objective of defragmenting and consolidating the Subway® Franchise System. 

This consolidation is occurring from both internal consolidation and attracting new Franchisees from outside of Subway. As part of its duties managing the Program, ReInvest Capital is responsible for:

1) Sell Side Advisory Services related to the sale and transfer of existing Subway® restaurants to new ownership; 2) Workout and Bankruptcy Advisory Services for those franchise owners who require recapitalization, and 3) Growth Capital Formation Services for those franchise owners looking to expand.

ReInvest Capital was selected for this role due to its deep understanding of the franchise capital markets, its extensive network of relationships with providers of debt and equity in the franchise and lower middle market spaces, and the boutique level of financial services the firm provides to all of its clients, large and small, regardless of specific need. 

We work with a deep roster of franchise brands.

From small regional chains to top-tier national and global market leaders, our creativity, unbiased advice, and deep-rooted industry knowledge paired with our extensive network, have shaped the most successful businesses in the industry.